Daily Archives: May 14, 2012

Our wine labels need some work.

On a recent trip to Vancouver, Canada, I dropped into a local wine shop to stock up on some wine for our two week skiing holiday. It was a brilliantly stocked store, carrying wines from virtually every major wine producing market in the world. When faced with so many choices, and no knowledge or experience of the wine producer to call on, I found myself unable to determine a good wine from a bad one, knowing full well that the price tag is also seldom a good indicator. So I did what any creatively-minded person would do: I bought the wines with the best label designs.

Image Image

As I walked through aisle after aisle of wines coming from all over the world, it occurred to me that South African wine labels are horribly dull by comparison. There are of course a few exceptions, but in general our label designs err more on the French-heritage side of the design scale, avoiding the pure playfulness that so many new-world wine markets embrace. We just seem to be taking ourselves too seriously in this particular category and I have to question wether our design matches the sheer energy and youthfulness of our wines. Something to think about maybe. Here are a few of the other wines that I sampled. ImageImageImageImageImage

Indians are a lot like Fruit Flies, apparently.

I recently found this article in a local newspaper. Image

The article describes how medical scientists have discovered that Curcumin, one of the key ingredients in Turmeric and curry, has been linked to the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. This is of course really good news, but it’s how they reached this conclusion that really cracks me up, and perfectly captures the big, deep, cavernous ass that science frequently goes up. The tests were conducted on fruit flies suffering from a nervous disorder very similar to Alzheimer’s. Firstly I’m amazed that someone has discovered mentally disturbed flies. Secondly, I have to question that what works for flies will also work for humans. And finally, if anyone wanted to check whether curry prevents a condition like Alzheimer’s, you’d think the best way to check it would simply be to measure its incidence amongst real living Indians, like the ones who eat curry in India. But hey, I’m no scientist.