Monthly Archives: January 2015

My favourite conversation of 2014.

The Time: 1am

The Drink: Tequila

Location: My balcony, Camps Bay.

Subject of conversation leading up to this: Haemorrhoids

Mate:   Ooh, I finally saw QI the other night.

Me:       It’s good hey?

Mate:    Brilliant. I couldn’t believe it. (Leans over and points at anus). I saw on there that suppositories don’t actually work.

Me:       What do you mean?

Mate:    They don’t work. There’s no medical evidence that they do anything. People just think they do.

Me:       What, so, they’re like a placebo?

Mate:    (After a brief pause). No, wait. Placebos. Placebos don’t actually work.